From 2010, our company has been produced a wide range of edible wafer labels. Our goal is to help bakeries with creating new unique designs of bread, pastry, and confectionery products to attract the attention of customers and increase sales. Contact us:
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Imagine tons of unpacked bread and pastry daily on the shelves of stores. This is a situation where customer hardly recognizes the brand, producers or any bread characteristics. For most of them, your product is anonymous.
The fact is, that marketing is about building strong relationships between you and your customers. But how can you achieve it in case the customers don’t know whose bread they buy?

How the sales work

1. step

Stand out from the crowd and make the product more visible. Highlight your benefits. The goal is to get your product into the Customer shopping basket.

2. step

Convince the Customer (and also others at his home) about the quality of your product. If Customer wants to buy your product again you’ve almost won.

3. step

The third step is to recognize you. Remind the Customer of your product in the next shopping and make him buy it. If Customer buys it again you won.

4. step

Maintain a relationship with the Customer. Provide him with constant quality and make him love your product. Give him a reason to buy your product over and over again.

That is the setting where our edible labels and wafer decorations can really help, definitely in case of unpacked bread and pastry. Many bakeries considered our edible labels as an effective marketing tool for sale increasing and building their brand. Our labels can become a strong part of your marketing mix.

Advantages of edible labels


Edible label distinguish your product from others and make it much more visible. With a unique design, you will attract the attention of people who pass by shelves. Stand out from the crowd, leave your competitors behind and reach new customers.

Information about added value of the product

The label can bear information about the added value of the product. For example, health benefits such as high fiber content, multiseed or others characteristics. This way you can aim at the specific range of customers.

Effective launching of the new product

Edible labels are perfect for launching new products. In connection with a high quality, the edible label makes your product extraordinary and attractive not only to customers but also to many stores and chain stores. They welcome something special, making their portfolio of bakery product more interesting and also helps them easily recognize the product on the cash desk. That means you can expect a higher conversion rate of your salesforce and more deals.

Festive labels and decorations for various occasions

Making strong relationships with your customers is a longtime process. You have to stay in touch with your customers. Edible label strategy can be intensified by festive decorations for occasions such as Valentine’s day, Easter, Helloween and Christmas. This way you can build an emotional connection with your customers. Imagine a simple message with “Thank you” on the edible label before New year. It works.

Building your brand by every loaf of bread

Every piece of your bread can bear your brand. Just imagine. With hundreds or thousands of loaves of bread every day in shops, you can promote your brand very effectively without having to buy an expensive advertisement.

Savings in compare to other ways of labeling

Edible labels are an effective tool for marking bakery products. Compared to other ways, for example, by using paper strips with customized printing, edible labels represent a cost-effective and user-friendly way how to sign bakery products, especially because of their very easy application.
Our clients use edible labels also in packed bakery products. They save money by avoiding high input costs for making plastic bags with the customized printed design. The edible label baked on the surface of the product looks very well also under the transparent plastic bag and, for product composition with ingredients, our clients use simple and very cheap classic paper label on the backside.
Edible labels save your time and money.

Application of edible labels

Application into the bakery proofing basket or tin

Place the label, face down, on the bottom of the floured bakery proofing basket. Upon rising, the dough and label will merge.

Application on the wet dough surface

Prior to baking, moisten the dough, and stick the label on it.

Application after baking on the finished product

After removing from the oven, moisten the surface of the product (or moisten the bottom of the label) and press the label on the product.
The carved label without printing is completely immersed in water (up to 1 sec.) and then placed on the still hot product.
Note: The product must not be floured. You may use a brush or sponge for dampening.

Application before baking on products with seeds

If you want to apply edible labels on products with seeds on its surface, always apply the label before baking on a wet dough first, then sprinkle or dip it into seeds.


When working with printed edible labels, always have dry hands, printed labels may blur or smudge when in contact with water. Blurring or smudging may also occur when brushing with water or spraying the product with a water jet after baking. In this situation, we can provide you with edible labels coated by edible wax on demand.


Edible labels are wafers made from potato starch, water, maltodextrin, and olive oil as a processing aid.

Cut-out edible labels

Our cut-out edible labels without printing have no any additional ingredients. They contain potato starch, water, and maltodextrin.

Printed edible labels

Printed labels contain - in addition to potato starch, water, and maltodextrine - rice starch, gum arabic and artificial or natural colorings.

Multi-colored labels

Multi-colored printed edible labels are based on AZO colorings.

Get customized edible labels for free!

Let us prepare samples of edible labels with your logo or any customized design for you. After one week you will get your own edible labels and you can check how it works. For free, only for shipping cost.