From 2010, our company has been produced a wide range of edible wafer labels. Our goal is to help bakeries with creating new unique designs of bread, pastry, and confectionery products to attract the attention of customers and increase sales. Contact us:
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Labels clearly increase the attractiveness of the product. This is a well-targeted product marketing support.

Eva Borová


The greatest benefit is that our bread is recognizable, the marking was appreciated by our customers and our sales representatives. We've noticed higher sales for the product.

Aleš Makovec

Makovec Bakery

We wanted to distinguish our most traditional 160-year-old brand from other unpacked loaves. A group of customers looking for quality has kept choosing this partricular loaf until nowadays...

Jaroslav Pomp

United Bakeries

... our customers got used to the labels very quickly, and I know they always look forward to the unconventional sticker we put on our bread on one or another national holiday.

Robert Fonhauser

Dobřanské bakery

The sales of the Hostivař bread following product marking with an edible label increased significantly in the year-to-year comparison over the initial 157 % to the current 174 % of the original production.

Jiří Černý

Hostivařská Bakery

Labeled products are easier to dispatch and there is no confusion. Our customers have welcomed this change - they know what they buy and who from...

Lenka Faltová

Falta Bakery

Edible labels have recently been an essential part of our products. They have highlighted their uniqueness.

Marta Randusová

Krámek pod Věží

In places where we deliver our bread with this logo, we have increased sales, and people also often write emails to ask where they can buy it.

Jiří Černý

Hostivařská bakery

... the edible label has proven to be an effective sales promotion tool. But one of the main things is that our competitors are no longer able to imitate and produce counterfeits.

Milan Kvak

Cvrčovická Bakery

It's a harmless starch, basically edible paper, which we started to put on two kinds of our bread to defend against counterfeits. After a short time, we saw a larger sales.

Michal Erlich

Cvrčovická Bakery

Using the edible paper labels of breAd. & Edible labels s.r.o. is a great opportunity for us to professionally brand our bakery products.

Zdeněk Vondřich

Vondřichovi bakery

The Vysočina bread has leapt by 300% in the production, the other kinds of bread a little. As I wasinformed by customers, the overwhelming majority had a positive response to the labeling of products, it is clearer and they do not have to look for which bread is which...

Josef Bočinec

Valtice Bakery

And many others.