From 2010, our company has been produced a wide range of edible wafer labels. Our goal is to help bakeries with creating new unique designs of bread, pastry, and confectionery products to attract the attention of customers and increase sales. Contact us:
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a new product?
Reach your customers immediately.
Be visible, sell more Be more visible and boost your sales with edible labels. Be visible, sell more Be more visible and boost your
sales with edible labels.
Your brand, your pride Sign your bread, spread your brand. People will remember you. Your brand, your pride Sign your bread, spread your brand.
People will remember you.

Boost your sales

Edible labels increase the sales. You can see the results immediately after several days. Many customers who have overlooked your bread will see “new product” and try it.

Introduce effectively

Are you going to launch a new product? Impress the customers already on the first day your bread sees the light of the stores. With edible labels, customers find it Now! Also for bread mixes producers.

Build your brand

Loaves of your bread, hundreds or thousands every day on the store shelves, every piece with your brand on it. Just imagine. This is The Advertising.

What our clients say

Labels clearly increase the attractiveness of the product. This is a well-targeted product marketing support.

Eva Borová


The sales of the Hostivař bread following product marking with an edible label increased significantly in the year-to-year comparison over the initial 157 % to the current 174 % of the original production.

Jiří Černý

Hostivařská Bakery

... the edible label has proven to be an effective sales promotion tool. But one of the main things is that our competitors are no longer able to imitate and produce counterfeits.

Milan Kvak

Cvrčovická Bakery

The greatest benefit is that our bread is recognizable, the marking was appreciated by our customers and our sales representatives. We've noticed higher sales for the product.

Aleš Makovec

Makovec Bakery

Labeled products are easier to dispatch and there is no confusion. Our customers have welcomed this change - they know what they buy and who from...

Lenka Faltová

Falta Bakery

Easy to use

Just put the label on the bottom of a bread proofing basket or stick it on the surface of the product before baking. If you want automation, you can use our edible label applicator.

Various designs

We are producing various types of edible labels and wafer decorations. From printed ones to exclusive cut-out versions without any colorings. Also in organic quality.

Both for bread and pastries

Edible labels can be used for any product, not only for bread. See our gallery to find more inspiration.

Proven results

Edible labels increase sales. Confirmed by many of our clients - bakeries as well as bread mixes producers.

Get customized edible labels for free!

Let us prepare samples of edible labels with your logo or any customized design for you. After one week you will get your own edible labels and you can check how it works. For free, only for shipping cost.

Our gallery

Explore our gallery with examples of applications of many types of wafer labels on a wide range of bakery products.

Our clients

And many others.

Our designs

Bread Stories

When they started to bake the waffer on me, I did not know what it was about. They just wanted me to be different ... it's true that I used to see some similar breads on the shelves, but I thought it was enough to be good quality. It has helped the reps who have got me into a lot of new shops since then.

bread "Velatice"

I belong among the more expensive wholegrain products and I am produced out of the mixture invented by the company I work for. Bakers get the mix they bake me from along with the labels which ensure my sales support. Wherever I appeared as a novelty on shelves, people immediately noticed me and tried me. Most of them still buys me nowadays.

Bread "Ceres Pro"

The competition kept trying to imitate me constantly, and because the counterfeits were not so good, it damaged the name of our bakery. Since I've been bearing a baked edible label with our trademark, they no longer have a chance. People know whose bread I am and I'm not even confused by the store cashiers.

Bread "Cvrčovice"

The bakery did not care much about me, my sales from 1995 to 2010 dropped from 2500 to 600 pieces per day. After first sealing my label, I boomed - my sales grew by 40%, stabilized at 15 % and in 2012 ,after two years with edible label, I sold 1300 pcs a day!

Bread "Morávka"


Edible labels in EKONOMIKA ČT24 Ceres Pro Bakery Vondřichovi Application of edible labels - DOPES Application of edible labels - Morávka bread Reality show PROSTŘENO!

Get samples of edible labels, FOR FREE!

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