From 2010, our company has been produced a wide range of edible wafer labels. Our goal is to help bakeries with creating new unique designs of bread, pastry, and confectionery products to attract the attention of customers and increase sales. Contact us:
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Automated application

We develop machinery for the automated application of edible labels. This technology allows the application of labels on bread from the top or side and on a wide range of bakery and confectionery products. With the applicator, bakeries and confectioners can reduce costs and increase profitability. The applicator can be installed on any existing or new production line.

Current concept:

system of 1 or more applicator units according to customer needs and production capacity

optimized for speeds from 3.000 to 40.000 pieces per hour

labels are added to interchangeable plastic or paper tubes

each tube can contain 500–1.500 labels

application to the surface of bakery products

application on the side of bread

application on the bottom of proofing basket