From 2010, our company has been produced a wide range of edible wafer labels. Our goal is to help bakeries with creating new unique designs of bread, pastry, and confectionery products to attract the attention of customers and increase sales. Contact us:
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The breAd. & edible labels company manufactures its products on innovative machines in compliance with the strictest hygiene standards. The result is high-quality products, which we supply to worldwide markets. Our production is certified by the strictest international IFS certificate, which we obtained with an excellent rating of 96,79 %.

IFS certification is the German-French counterpart to the English standard BRC, which is an international food quality and food safety standard for own brands. It is used for uniform control of food safety and the producers quality level. Traders from Austria, Poland, Spain and Switzerland support the IFS standard and use it to guarantee food safety.

Download our certificate here: Certificate IFS FOOD

Organic food is food made from organic products – products of controlled organic farming, which is an advanced way of managing a positive attitude towards soil, plants, animals and nature without the use of artificial fertilizers, chemicals, chemical spraying, hormones and artificial substances.

Download our certificate here: Certificate KEZ

BRC global standards guarantee the reliability of the entire supply chain as they guarantee the standardization of quality, safety and operational requirements. This certification sets criteria for good manufacturing practice and thus gives customers assurance that the products are safe, high quality and comply with regulations.

Download our certificate here: Certificate BRC